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Contrary to what you might think from its name, this isn’t a web design app. Instead Google Web Designer (opens in new tab) is focused on designing HTML5-based adverts and other similar web content. The interface feels like a cross between a video editor and a web design package. In order to take advantage of it, you need to download it for free from here (opens in new tab)for either Mac or Windows.

The sleek interface is evident from the get go (Image credit: Google)

Getting started

Launching the app offers you the ability to continue with an existing project, start a new one from scratch, or use one of the bundled templates.

We chose to check the templates out first. There are 14 to choose from and if you’re not clear what they offer, just click on any one of them to be given a description of what to expect, as well as the devices that are supported by that template.

Template Search

There aren’t many default templates to choose from, but the search field lets you make incredibly detailed and thorough searches (Image credit: Google)

The search field on the right helps you narrow down your choice based on your criteria – such as looking for an expandable add that works on tablets. You can look for templates with specific sizes that way too, for instance just by typing a number in the search field.

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