Google introduces a step-by-step privacy guide for Chrome browser, but is it enough?

Google is working to highlight the existing privacy control feature in its popular Chrome browser this week with the release of a new step-by-step guide to the browser’s privacy settings.

“Developed at the Google Safety Engineering Center (GSEC), Privacy Guide is a step-by-step guided tour of some existing privacy and security controls in Chrome – so you can manage and make the right privacy selections for you in one spot,” Audrey An, Google’s Product Manager for Chrome, said in a statement.

Google introduced several new privacy control features to Chrome back in May 2020 to help users manage cookies, website permissions, and more. These features, however, are contained in a settings menu that many users might not even know exists.

(Image credit: Google)

Providing a user-friendly walkthrough of Chrome’s settings will hopefully let more users better control what information they are willing to share and with whom.

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