Google-inspired smart glasses for the blind adds eye-catching new features – here’s how it works

AI-powered smart glasses, tailor-made for the blind and visually impaired, made a splash in the adaptive tech industry when Envision, an award-winning assistive technology innovator, debuted the snazzy, tech-infused eyewear at the 2020 CSUN Conference.

Today, Envision announced that it packed its high-tech spectacles with brand spankin ’new, eye-catching features that will enhance the day-to-day lives of low-vision users.

Envision updates its AI-powered smart glasses custom-made for low-vision people

Envision’s AI-powered smart glasses, custom-made for low-vision people, was built on Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Since it debuted in 2020, Envision claims that its high-tech spectacles changed the lives of hundreds of blind and visually impaired people. worldwide.

Envision (Image credit: Envision)

I know what you’re thinking. “How does the Envision AI-powered smart glasses work?” Like its name insinuates, it relies on artificial intelligence to extricate information about targeted images and text – and it tells the user what it “sees.” This lets sight-challenged users read work documents, recognize loved ones, find nearby personal belongings, use public transportation, and more.

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