Girls and STEM careers: Clubs encourage participation

Madison Ingram climbed on top of a chair, hoisting her group’s homemade hot air balloon as high as she could.

The 16-year-old Bexley High School junior let go of the hot air balloon – made with six birthday candles, straws and a trash bag – and it gracefully swayed as it gently landed on the tile floor of the science classroom.

“Fly, fly, fly,” Ingram said excitedly.

This wasn’t a science experiment for class. This was Bexley’s Women in STEM Club, which Ingram helped found earlier this school year with three of her classmates.

“It can be really hard to want to go into something like (STEM) that is so male-dominated,” Ingram said. “It helped us learn more about what you can do and then also having a place to go for fun projects.

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