Gibson Engineering to offer Kassow Robots’ 7-axis cobots

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kassow KR series

Kassow’s KR series of seven-axis cobots. | Source: Kassow Robots

Kassow Robots has partnered with Gibson Engineering to make its KR series of 7-axis collaborative robots (cobots) available to Gibson’s network of customers.

Gibson Engineering, a subsidiary of Applied Industrial Technologies, distributes automation solutions to manufacturers in a variety of industries in the northeastern US. Kassow’s robots fill a gap in Gibson’s offering. With the company’s 7-axis cobots, Gibson will be able to serve customers in the medical, semiconductor and electronics industries.

“The KR 7-axis cobots use workspaces efficiently and give programmers more options for completing tasks than traditional 6-axis devices,” said Rob MacDonald, director of sales and marketing at Gibson. “The combination of performance, ease of use, and safety makes the Kassow cobots a great addition to our product portfolio.”

Kassow’s KR series is able to handle payloads up to 18 kg, and can reach up to 1800 mm. The cobot’s seventh axis allows it to continuously dispense, weld and remove materials, no matter the access angle, without needing to reorient the arm. This allows the robot to work in small or awkward spaces.

The series is made up of five robots: the KR810, KR1018, KR1205, KR1410 and KR1805. The KR1805 has the longest reach, at 1800 mm, and the lowest payload, at 5 kg. On the other end of the spectrum, the KR1018 has the largest payload, at 18 kg, and can reach 1000 mm.

“Gibson Engineering’s long-established operation gives Kassow Robots the opportunity to work with world-class manufacturers in the US that can benefit from strong, fast, and simple cobots,” Dieter Pletscher, head of global sales at Kassow, said.

In March 2022, Bosch Rexroth acquired a majority stake in Kassow Robots. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to close later in the year. Bosch said the acquisition enables it to offer one-stop solutions, especially for the consumer goods and mobility industry including battery production as well as for semiconductor production.

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