Get your own virtual personal trainer at home with the newly launched Tempo Fit

If you’re not too keen on working out in a gym and much prefer the privacy and comfort of your own home, there’s now a way to take your workouts even further. Personal trainers are a great investment to make if you want to keep track on your progress, but what if you had a trainer that as always available at the touch of a button?

That’s where Tempo Fit comes in – a home gym that comes with a built-in personal trainer. The system allows users to bring the experience of working out in a fully-equipped gym with a real personal trainer, to their own home. Providing real-time guidance, custom weight recommendations, personal training plans, competition-grade weights, and accurate progress tracking, Tempo Fit makes exercising and gaining results easy and convenient.

(Image credit: Time)

Tempo Fit uses 3D infrared sensors to track each user’s movements, provides immediate feedback and makes sure their form remains perfect during every rep. The AI ​​will tell users if they’re squatting low enough, lifting too heavy or too light, and encouraging them to push themselves to new limits.

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