Forget Dinosaurs, DC Is Transforming The Justice League Into Robots

Let’s dive into how the Justice League’s wildest upgrade won’t be dinosaurs, but giant robots in the upcoming DC Mech limited series come July.

The DC Universe has certainly been having fun with the Justice League. The heroes will become dinosaurs later this year in Jurassic League, which will focus on a prehistoric alternate Earth where the heroes and villains of DC Comics are anthropomorphic dinosaurs. In the main reality, there’s also the death of the League coming up, setting the stage for the Dark Crisis.

Throw in these heroes also battling vampires in another reality, it’s safe to say there’s no better time to be a League fan, with many rollicking adventures being told. However, there’s one more badass ride to come with the League poised to be turned into robots in robots in the new six-issue limited series DC Mech, so let’s dissect its viability and how Marvel has handled this same topic.

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What’s DC Mech Release And What’s It About?

DC Mech is slated for release in July – written by Kenny Porter (DC: The Doomed and the Damned, Superman: Man of Tomorrow) and illustrated by Baldemar Rivas (Unearth). It’ll detail an alternate universe where the citizens of Earth leaned harder into the world of robotics, akin to Tony Stark in the Marvel Universe.

They built mechs in response to a World War II invasion by Apokolips, with the League suiting up to protect their home from Darkseid’s imminent return. This time, they’ve got Superman’s all-white Kryptonian mech to lead the way, not to mention the genius of Bruce Wayne. And with Batman on the job, it pretty much guarantees all the heroes will have awesome, powerful bots for the war to come. It’s seen with Flash’s awesome lightning-styled design, throwing fans back to Jim Gordon’s “Superheavy” arc with his robotic Batsuit.

Is DC Mech A Great Idea?

It certainly is, given the high traction for manga and anime at the moment, and the large volume who’ve crossed over into Western comics. And vice versa. It’s a smart meld of both cultures, with the popularity of Mobile Suit Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Robotech as high as ever, not to mention interesting in properties like Transformers and Pacific Rim will always be hot.

It’ll allow DC to expand its arsenal of stories involving its iconic heroes, not to mention there’s great potential here for the toy market. As for how authentic the designs will be to both realms, well, Rivas confirmed respective mechs were crafted to infuse both the personalities of DC’s famous characters with the larger-than-life designs common in the Japanese mecha series, giving fans the best of both worlds.

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Do Mech Stories Resonate In Comics?

captain america avengers tech on

Marvel seems to think so, so it makes sense DC tests the waters. The former told mech stories recently, starting with Avengers: Mech Strike where Kang the Conqueror returned to cause havoc. It inspired Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, under the stewardship of Black Panther, to wield giant mechs against techno-organic monstrosities Kang wanted to enslave the planet with. In addition, the X-Men took a page from Power Rangers, creating war machines via “Mutant Technology” that would sync with their individual powers, and even combine partners’ powers. This made the Children of the Atom an even more powerful legion.

Last but not least, in Avengers: Tech On, Iron Man turned his peers into an army of sleek, cool-looking Iron Avengers (designed by Ultraman artist, Eiichi Shimizu) to combat Red Skull and enhanced enemies. This sentai-inspired action-adventure series was part of a partnership with Bandai Namco of Japan, with anime enthusiast Jim Zub leading the creative team in a war that also involved the Infinity Stones, as well as Venom and Carnage.

It provided a high-octane ride, with Sunfire and Japan aiding with their own robotics to help Captain America realize they needed to go global. With that in mind, once DC can organically make their mechs work as weapons to fight evil and save the entire world, it should resonate the same way.

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