Enable Developer Options on Galaxy S22 [How To]

It has been a while since Samsung released the Galaxy S22 series, and the phone is now reaching a wider availability in more countries. This means that more and more users are getting their hands on one of the hottest devices of the year. As I write this, I am waiting for my Galaxy S22 Ultra as well, and hopefully, it will reach by the end of this month. However, if you have finally gotten your hands on the new phone and if you are wondering how to enable developer options on the Galaxy S22, this tutorial is for you.

Before you begin, I would like to remind you that the process that allows you to unlock developer options on Galaxy S22 is fairly simple. However, developer options are only meant to be used by – you guessed it right, the developers or advanced Android users who love tinkering with their phones.

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Enable Developer Options on Galaxy S22 and Access All the Features

Now, if you have been using the modern Galaxy S devices for some time that are running One UI, then the best part is that you should have a much easier experience considering how the process is the same on all phones. Still, we are going to teach you how to enable developer options on Galaxy S22.

Step 1: Start by going to the Settings of your phone.

Step 2: Once you are there, scroll all the way down to About phone.

Step 3: Now, you have to look for Software information.

Step 4: In that menu, you have to look for the Build number and tap that 7 times until you get a toast notification telling you that you are a developer.

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Step 5: Now go back to the main menu and scroll all the way down again. There you will find a new setting called Developer options.

You can now go ahead and access all the features in that area, and make the changes accordingly. Again, I would let you know that if you do want to enable developer options on Galaxy S22 and tinker with all the settings there are, it is highly advised that you are only accessing these settings and tinkering with the ones that you are familiar with. Otherwise, things can go wrong and that is not at all what we would be suggesting to anyone. In the coming days, we will be publishing more tutorials on the Galaxy S22, so stay tuned.

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