Elden Ring PC issues – what you can fix and how

As you can tell from our Elden Ring review, the Tom’s Guide crew likes FromSoftware’s latest game quite a bit. We love its ambitious open world; we love its tight gameplay; we love its mysterious story and setting. One thing we don’t love, however, is that the game has some significant technical issues on PC. And, frustratingly, there’s not a whole lot the average player can do to address them at the moment.

I didn’t discuss Elden Ring’s PC performance in my review, as it’s always difficult to gauge whether technical issues are widespread, or limited to your particular hardware setup. However, all you need is one glance at Elden Ring’s Steam page to see that the game doesn’t run as well as it could. Most of the game’s negative reviews have nothing to do with Elden Ring’s demanding gameplay or opaque story; they’re all about how poorly the game runs, even on powerful GPUs.

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