During SXSW 2022, Austin debuts new robotics, drone testing site

Austin-area companies now have a dedicated space where they can test and develop robots and drones.

The Center for Autonomous Robotics, a co-working space and testing facility, is a partnership between Austin accelerator and incubator Capital Factory and Austin drone company Guinn Partners. The center, which formally opened over the weekend as part of this year’s South by Southwest event, is designed to have everything a company in the robotics sector would need to develop devices for air, ground or water uses.

Capital Factory celebrated the center’s debut Sunday with launch party showcasing robots and drones. The center will also be open Monday with panels and demonstrations on both days.

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In a statement announcing the center’s launch, Capital Factory CEO Joshua Baer said iteration – trying processes or operations repeatedly to get closer and closer to the desired goal – is necessary for innovation.

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