DJI drones can now shoot Inception-style 360 ​​videos thanks to this new camera

Insta360’s cameras are always a refreshing blast of originality, but its new Sphere accessory for DJI drones takes their fun, immersive video capabilities to new heights. It piggybacks on the DJI Air 2S and Mavic Air 2 to help you create unique effects, including mind-bending, Inception-style videos.

The Sphere promises to bring the unique skills of 360 cameras to the skies for the first time. These all-seeing cameras typically use two 200-degree lenses, which bring two benefits. First, the redundancy between those two lenses lets you use software to remove objects like selfie sticks and, in this case, drones. This is why Insta360 is billing the Sphere as an “invisible drone”.

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