Dell Technologies World 2022: Dell unveils security offerings for major cloud providers

Dell has unveiled new data protection offerings as part of its partnerships with two major public cloud providers.

‘Dell PowerProtect Cyber ​​Recovery for Microsoft Azure’ and ‘CyberSense for Dell PowerProtect Cyber ​​Recovery for Amazon Web Services (AWS)’ both aim to increase cyber resilience, which CEO Michael Dell has described as “fundamental to success”.

Expected to join other Dell offerings on the Azure Marketplace in June 2022, Dell PowerProtect Cyber ​​Recovery for Microsoft Azure aims to help organizations protect their data from ransomware attacks by isolating it in a cyber vault inside the public cloud.

Meanwhile, CyberSense for Dell PowerProtect Cyber ​​Recovery for AWS will allow organizations to monitor files and databases to determine if a cyber attack has taken place. If a breach is discovered, the service will identify the last known uncorrupted copy of data to make a faster and more secure recovery, which will be supported with adaptive analytics, machine learning, and forensic tools. CyberSense for Dell PowerProtect Cyber ​​Recovery for AWS is expected to become globally available in the second half of 2022, and builds on the Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber ​​Recovery security capability announced in March 2021.

Alongside Monday’s product announcements was the formalization of a multi-cloud collaboration with Snowflake Data Cloud, which is known to use both Azure and AWS infrastructure. The partnership will allow Dell and Snowflake customers to use on-premises data stored on Dell object storage with the Snowflake Data Cloud, all while being able to choose to either keep their data local or in the public clouds.

Multi-cloud was named as one of the two greatest trends by Dell co-chief operating officer Chuck Whitten, alongside data.

“The worlds need multi-cloud by design – not by default,” Whitten told attendees of the opening keynote at the company’s annual tech conference.

Dell Technologies also announced the addition of recovery services to its existing Apex portfolio, which was first announced in October 2021. Similar to Dell PowerProtect Cyber ​​Recovery for Microsoft Azure, Apex Cyber ​​Recovery Services also provide isolated vaults for the storage and recovery of data.

Available in the US starting today, the latest Apex addition will provide organizations with fully-integrated solutions “designed to provide rapid time to value and on-demand scaling with the convenience of a subscription”, according to Whitten.

“With Apex Cyber ​​Recovery Services, you can feel confident in the ability to recover from a cyber attack and achieve more agility by offloading the day-to-day management of data protection. You get resilience to recover operations from an isolated, immutable and intelligent data vault – something that we have deployed more than 2000 times globally, ”he said.

Whitten also added that customers should “stay tuned”, as “additional Apex solution services will be delivered this year”. These will include high-performance computing (HPC), machine learning operations, VDI, and more, he said.

Apex Cyber ​​Recovery Services will become available in other parts of the world in the second half of 2022.

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