Cybersecurity expert and digital creator Ritik Davda adds new skills to his expertise for protecting the data online

Expertise in any field requires having adequate knowledge. The field of Information Technology is diverse that has evolved drastically with time. As we talk about IT, it is significant to have a strong cybersecurity force in place as the data over the digital ecosystem is vulnerable. Various phishers attack confidential data of individuals and businesses by bringing it into the public domain. Among many cybersecurity experts, Ritik Davda is ensuring to provide the best online security services to his clients.

The young lad has mastered combating data breaches and keeping the online ecosystem secure from malicious activities. Hailing from Gujarat, he began his journey by learning the fundamentals of ethical hacking. In the last four years, Davda has gained knowledge about cybersecurity and cyber crimes from different institutions, mentors and online seminars.

Through his learnings, he has helped influencers, brands and celebrities to safeguard their data in the digital space. An avid learner, Ritik loves to upgrade his knowledge from time to time. He recently completed the course of Cyber ​​Crime Investigation and passed the examination with flying colors. Along with it, he even succeeded in completing the Website Testing course.

Adding a new skill set, Ritik Davda is now a past master in Website Penetration Testing, Network Security, App Penetration Testing and Cyber ​​Crime Investigation. He says, “There are numerous ways that scammers try to steal confidential data over the digital domain. With several online thefts, I believe that it is crucial to learn and protect the data online. To be safe, I have always emphasized changing passwords every 45 days.”

Imparting his knowledge, the digital creator frequently shares videos about cybersecurity on his social media. Moreover, Ritik also added that he shall continue to learn more about cybersecurity and execute his knowledge in daily operations. He started his startup named ‘XynityInfoSolution’ in January 2021. Along with it, Ritik has been working on various freelance projects for brands, content creators and influential personalities across India.

Not just this, Davda recently played a critical role in helping a company fix three bugs for which he was rewarded with a hefty amount. Believing in the concept of updating and upgrading, he continues to do what he does best.

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