Can these high-tech thigh-high boots eliminate DOMS? I put them to the test

I love both running and indoor cycling, but too much of either can result in legs that feel like lead the next day. After a tough session on the bike, even a modest hill can feel like a mountain, which is no use at all – especially when I’m meant to be the one leading the run. That’s why I was curious about a new pair of inflatable boots that promise to “make recharging your legs more convenient than ever.” Could they really help me fit in some extra sprints on the bike without lagging behind the next day?

Therabody specializes in massage guns; in fact, the company was originally called Theragun, and rapidly became synonymous with handheld percussive massagers. However, its latest creation, the RecoveryAir JetBoots, are something very different. They look a little like ski pants, and use air pressure to compress your legs and deliver a massage that, according to Therabody, boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage, relieves muscle fatigue, and alleviates the dreaded DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that plagues runners and cyclists alike.

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