BioCircuit and Smithfield to produce nerve tape for trauma injuries

BioCircuit Technologies, a National Institutes of Health (NIH) -funded medical device company focused on tissue repair and neural interfacing, and Smithfield BioScience, a unit of Smithfield Foods delivering medical solutions from porcine-derived bioproducts, have announced the companies will produce Nerve Tape , a medical device enabling suture-less nerve repair following traumatic injuries.

The technology will allow surgeons to operate faster and achieve precise, reliable re-joining of injured nerves, simplifying the surgical process and improving patient outcomes.

Nerve Tape is an implantable device composed of decellularized porcine small intestinal submucosa (SIS) embedded with microscale hooks for tissue attachment. It can be quickly and easily wrapped around two ends of a severed nerve to form a connection with distributed tension to promote regeneration. The devices will be prepared from fully traceable SIS tissue harvested from Smithfield’s US operations.

Courtney Stanton, president of Smithfield BioScience, said: “Our work with BioCircuit demonstrates our expanding portfolio and the value we are creating in a variety of markets through Smithfield’s vertically integrated supply chain and manufacturing expertise. By harvesting porcine bioproducts for medical applications – such as organs, mucosa, and tissues – we have the ability to improve lives through the development of innovative pharmaceuticals and medical devices like this one. ”

Michelle Jarrard, CEO of BioCircuit Technologies, added: “We look forward to working with Smithfield BioScience to bring this promising medical device solution to life. BioCircuit is committed to developing medical technologies, such as Nerve Tape, to repair, monitor, and control peripheral nerves precisely and reliably. We’re excited to tap into Smithfield’s exceptional level of traceability and product safety in our work to empower surgeons with powerful, practical clinical tools that improve the treatment of injuries. ”

In parallel with establishing a commercial supply chain for Nerve Tape, BioCircuit is also developing bioelectronic devices capable of tap into nerve and muscle activity to provide sensitive, high-resolution monitoring and selective, closed-loop stimulation. Useful in the fields of bioelectronic medicine, neuromodulation, neuro-prosthetics, and neuromuscular rehabilitation, this bioelectronics technology provides clinicians with the ability to diagnose health conditions earlier, precisely deliver therapies, and track outcomes over time.

Smithfield BioScience leverages Smithfield’s vertically integrated platform to supply the pharmaceutical and medical device industries with a secure source of porcine-derived products fully traceable to their farms of origin. Since its inception in 2017, Smithfield BioScience has become a leading US manufacturer of heparin, an essential pharmaceutical product used to prevent the formation of blood clots during certain medical procedures or in patients at risk for clots.


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