Beyond Qi: Quaze’s revolutionary tech can wirelessly power just about anything

The terms “game-changing” and “leading-edge” are frequently thrown around in the tech world and all too often end up being a letdown. While on a recent visit to the boutique game system maker, Maingear, Laptop Mag editor-in-chief, Sherri L. Smith, Operations Editor Peter Norman, and I were introduced to a new wireless power delivery system that is not only game-changing but could revolutionize the way we power our homes and offices.

Our initial introduction to Quaze technology happened while visiting with CEO Wallace Santos and Managing Director, Ron Reed as they shared some of Maingear’s latest gaming systems and laptops. Like the charming showman he is, Santos had one more trick up his sleeve. After leading us to a backroom office with a gleaming white table; he picked up what appeared to be a mason jar and placed it on the table and as his hand approached the table, the LED lights inside the jar magically lit up, and he looked over and smiled at us.

(Image credit: Future)

Santos and Reed shared that Maingear had invested in a company from Canada called Quaze, which is developing the future of wireless power delivery. Sherri, Peter, and I stood silently as they discussed the possible applications in gaming, the office, and the home; the future of wireless power is coming. Unlike Qi technology, you don’t have to be in contact with just one small surface area. Instead, the entire surface can deliver power to multiple devices at the same time and vastly more power than Qi is capable of handling.

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