Being a Security System Manager at Ericsson

I have been at Ericsson for 5 and a half years, and I am currently a Security System Manager and a Principal Security Master in Packet Core. I had many experiences before joining Ericsson, I was a founder of a start-up and ran it for 2 years before being an android developer. While working in this role, I realized I wanted to work in networking after feeling that being an android developer wasn’t giving me the chance to stretch my skills, and I was also interested in the networking field, so I came to Ericsson.

I have now been here for over 5 years and feel like this is the place I want to stay. Here are a few things that have made my time at Ericsson really amazing.

Career progression and opportunity

When I joined Ericsson, I explicitly asked to start in a junior role as a developer as I felt I lacked the experience in this field. I have worked in the same area throughout my time here, but every second year or so I progress in my career. When the Security Principal role became available, I volunteered to move from coding to system management because I wanted to get a more holistic view about our system, and it’s also a more security oriented role and I wanted to work closely in security.

Different career opportunities are available at Ericsson; everyone can find their own role. I know countless colleagues who have moved to different departments and roles like me because they felt that it is closer to what they want to do.

Training and resources

I am currently on an Ericsson Hungary talent program; I spend part of my work hours on training in a small group. Through group coaching on the program, I got to know my group very well. Together, we learn a lot about technical and non-technical skills through structured training.

Outside this program, I also feel that whenever I need to know something, I can do further training which Ericsson allows time and provides budget for. For example, I have been on 5G foundational training, ethical hacking training which really helped me improve in my role. If we want to go in a certain direction, Ericsson helps us to get there.

Speak up culture

There is a great speak up culture here, which has a really positive effect on people working here. I can freely speak to anyone at Ericsson, no matter their position and seniority in the organization. Most of the time it doesn’t feel like a big company, because we can develop really good bonds with different people, and everybody is open and eager to help. Your job title and experience doesn’t matter when we need support. What matters is the quality of your idea and that you are providing enough facts.

About Ericsson Hungary Packet Core

The Packet Core team in Hungary is rapidly expanding. We are an open and friendly group of people working to help introduce new telecom technology for our customers.

You can learn more about Ericsson Hungary Packet Core here.

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