Backbone One iOS controller review

There’s never been a better time to get into mobile gaming. Whether you’re adventuring away in Genshin Impact, hunting the sus in Among Us, or headshotting to victory in Call of Duty Mobile, mobile games are now as detailed, social and competitive as their console and PC counterparts. Add into the mix services like Apple Arcade, and streaming platforms like Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and you’ve more choice than ever when it comes to taking games on the go with you.

(Image credit: Future)

And so it’s fitting that we finally have a mobile controller to match the growing ambitions of the mobile gaming scene. We’ve seen plenty of gaming clips, gamepads and cradles, but none have yet matched the finesse and finish of the Backbone One. Designed specifically for iPhones, it matches well-crafted hardware with that rarest of things – an accompanying app that’s actually useful. Altogether, the Backbone One is an essential purchase for the serious mobile gamer.

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