Back for more: Shawpak explains its return to Med-Tech Innovation Expo

Lucie Markgraf, sales administrator at Shawpak, explains why Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2021 was so positive for the company, and why they’re back for more in 2022.

First, how was being at Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2021?

Attending Med-Tech Innovation was really exciting, it was our first time exhibiting at the event. It was very well organized and even though there were a few obstacles in the way due to COVID and travel issues it went well with a good turnout. It’s a great opportunity to showcase our thermoforming packaging machines at Med-Tech Innovation and show people face-to-face what we do.

What’s making you come back for more in June 2022?

We wanted to come back and exhibit next year because it’s local and having a medical oriented show in the UK really helps us to connect face to face with new customers.

You’re going to have a bit more of a presence in 2022, what may we see in June that we didn’t see in 2021?

We have decided to expand our exhibition space for 2022, it means we can look at exhibiting more machines including our brand new four Side Seal Pouch machine.

Following on from that, what can visitors to the show expect from Shawpak?

Visitors can expect to see some of our range of thermoforming packaging machinery, we have three different size machines and a brand new four Side Seal Pouch machine. Our machinery is compact and flexible, and this is so important to medical device manufacturers when cleanroom space is so expensive!

What can you tell us about plans that you have as a company between now and the show?

Other than attending various medical packaging shows in Germany and the USA we are currently designing another piece of equipment to join our range of Shawpak machines. We are continuously expanding our team as orders increase and have plans to open a European office in the short future.

Anything else that you would like to highlight?

Shawpak has a short-term aim of developing a broad range of medical device packaging equipment. We see a global need for a machinery supplier who can offer all forms of packaging equipment designed specifically for the medical device industry. We have our revolutionary rotary thermoform machine which has been a huge success and have now recently released our new three and four side seal machine for pouch manufacturing. This year will see the development of more unique and versatile packaging equipment that will give our customers full flexibility for their medical device packaging needs.

Med-Tech Innovation Expo takes place on 8th & 9th June at the NEC, Birmingham. For more information on visiting and exhibiting, visit


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