Automation in 2022: What to expect in the coming year

AI-powered automation has offered a critical lifeline to businesses over the last two years by helping to alleviate the strain from workforce dislocation, supply chain challenges, IT incidents customer service disruptions, and more. On a more individual level, automation has also helped people work more efficiently and effectively, enabling them to focus their time on higher-value and more strategic work. In fact, according to IBM’s recent Institute for Business Value study, the number of CIOs who reported high maturity in AI-enabled workflows increased 560% compared to two years ago.

About the author

Dinesh Nirmal is the General Manager for IBM Automation.

However, as we move into 2022, companies we believe who are undergoing digital transformations will continue to grapple with challenges stemming from a shortage of AI skillsets and the impact that The Great Resignation is having on labor and talent. In fact, earlier this year, IBM surveyed IT professionals around the world and found the most significant hindrance to successful AI adoption was limited AI expertise or knowledge.

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