Autel Robotics to Showcase Enterprise Drones at World Defense Show in Saudi Arabia

Other enterprise drones

The Enterprise series of drones and accessories are the main focus of the show for Autel, especially the Dragonfish series, EVO II Enterprise and Pro, and EVO NEST. Applications include emergency response, mapping, surveying, and security.

The Dragonfish’s unique tilt-rotor design maximizes performance and efficiency, providing up to 180 minutes of flight time. The Dragonfish is modular, waterproof, smart, and reliable. The Dragonfish is mission ready right out of the box and includes powerful AI tracking capabilities, modular payload options including stabilized 50x optical zoom cameras, infra-red cameras, and laser range sensors.

The foldable EVO II Enterprise series has been enhanced with new accessories and camera features to meet the demands of professionals in every industry from firefighting to construction. It can be deployed in seconds and the easy-to-use controls can be operated with a single hand.

EVO NEST is an autonomous charging station that enables drones to carry out missions without human intervention. Operators can plan and launch flight tasks remotely, reducing labor costs while enhancing efficiency. Equipped with a retractable canopy, a glass-fiber charging board, and a built-in air conditioning system, the NEST has everything it needs to keep itself and its aircraft in working condition, in any weather.

Other consumer market drones and accessories

Autel also offers a series of consumer drones, including the EVO Nano, EVO Lite and EVO II series. These lightweight and affordable drones are ideal for a wide range of consumer markets. They offer excellent performance, controllability, reliability and photo and video capabilities.

Autel will exhibit the following products:

Enterprise series: Dragonfish Lite, Standard and Pro; EVO II Enterprise; EVO II Enterprise Pro; EVO II Dual 640T, EVO II Pro RTK, EVO II Dual 640T RTK; EVO NEST

Dragonfish: https: // / 3.html

EVO II Enterprise: https: // / 21.html

EVO II Dual 640T: https: // / 4.html

EVO II Pro RTK: https: // / 7.html

EVO NEST: https: // / 6.html


EVO Nano and Nano +: https: // / 24.html

EVO Lite and Lite +: https: // / 23.html

EVO II: https: // / productdetail / 1.html

EVO II Pro: https: // / 2.html

Selected accessories:

Remote Controller: https: // / 5.html

Dragonfish Payloads: https: //

Live Deck: https: // / 19.html

World Defense Show details:

https: // /

Venue: Riyadh, Convention Center

Alot Robotics Booth: Hall 1, Booth L4

Date: 6-9 March 2022

About Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics is a team of industry professionals with a genuine passion for technology and years of engineering experience. Since its founding in 2014, Autel has always striven for customer-driven innovation and is continuously working to raise the industry standard for drones. The company’s headquarters is in Shenzhen, the heart of China’s tech industry; it also has R&D bases around the world including Seattle, Munich, and Silicon Valley. For more information, visit, or follow Autel Robotics on Facebook @autelrobotics, and Instagram @autelbotocis, or subscribe to the Autel Robotics YouTube Channel.

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