Apple’s exploring its own version of the invisible headphones we loved from CES 2022

The next Apple AirPods might not be a pair of in-ear headphones at all.

A recently discovered Apple patent application (via Patently Apple (opens in new tab)) shows that the company is exploring a new category of wearable audio device, which could become part of the AirPods family of true wireless earbuds and headphones.

Like the invisible headphones we saw at CES earlier this year, the patent describes an audio module that can direct audio waves to the ears of a user. However, unlike the Noveto N1, which looks like a small soundbar, Apple’s patented device can be worn on the user’s clothing, with an image showing how it could be attached to a collar.

(Image credit: Patently Apple)

To prevent the user’s music from disturbing others (and to offer a modicum of privacy), the audio waves would be focused by a ‘parametric array of speakers that limits audibility to others’.

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