Apple Support offers 20+ video tutorials for pros and novices

Need to add an email account to your Apple device? Or want to edit videos on iOS? Find those instructions and more tutorials in Apple Support’s YouTube videos.

Sometimes viewing a quick video demonstrating how to free iPhone or iPad space, add an email account, or understand two-factor authentication is easier than reading an owner’s manual or locating the relevant guidance buried somewhere within a FAQ. Thankfully, Apple is publishing videos that walk users through a variety of specific tasks and topics.

The videos live on Apple Support’s YouTube channel (Figure A). The longest video is only three-and-a-half minutes, and several tutorials are less than a minute. As of this writing, 24 videos have been published to the channel.

Figure A

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Complex topics don’t escape coverage. While some doctoral candidates will choose two-factor authentication as a topic for dissertations, Apple needs only 46 seconds to provide a nutshell explanation.

If you or a user wants to free up space on an iPhone or iPad, Apple’s minute-and-a-half video walks even novices through the process.

Unsure how to capture a screenshot to the desktop? There’s a tutorial for that. Apple Support’s two-minute-and-change video demonstrates three methods of capturing screenshots, including the entire screen, a section of the screen, and a specific window.

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Even seasoned users may find quick tips and shortcuts they didn’t know or may have forgotten. For example, the screenshot tutorial reminds viewers they can press the Control key to any of the corresponding key combinations to save the screenshot to the clipboard instead of the Desktop.

Tutorials also cover printing from an iOS device, linking or deleting duplicate contacts, backing up iOS data to iCloud, clearing cache and internet cookies from an iOS device, editing iOS videos, signing a document on your iPhone or iPad, and more (Figure B).

Figure B

I recommend Apple professionals subscribe to the support channel. Who knows? You may come across a helpful tip for a feature you didn’t previously know was available – that was the case for me when I found the minute-long video showing viewers how to mute or leave a group Messages conversation.

Need more help? You can always try Apple’s Twitter account. @AppleSupport provides shortcuts, tips, and advice. The account answers questions from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm (Pacific).

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