Addverb Technologies and Davinci Micro Fulfillment partner on robotics

Today, Davinci Micro Fulfillment and Addverb Technologies announced a strategic partnership to pair Addverb’s automation technology with Davinci’s specialization in micro-fulfillment solutions to launch and expand micro-fulfillment centers across North America. Davinci states that it plans to open between 750 to 1,000 micro-fulfillment centers by 2030, offering brands and retailers expanded operations to reach customers for Same Day, Next Day, or 2nd Day service.

“Micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) and central fulfillment centers (CFCs) are transforming the thriving e-commerce industry,” said Mark Messina, CEO at Addverb Technologies USA Inc. “By combining Addverb’s fleet of automated robots with Davinci’s physical location network, we are powering a scalable network for brands and retailers to reach their customers with ultra-fast, precise shipping. Retailers are acutely aware of customer expectations regarding efficient order fulfillment. ”

Addverb’s recent expansion into North and South America opens a new service market for its fixed and flexible solutions, including autonomous mobile robots (AMR), carton shuttles, picking technologies, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), warehouse management and execution software, and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Through its own design and manufacturing of hardware and software, Addverb is able to offer flexible solutions to a variety of industries on a global scale, the partners stated.

“Micro fulfillment strategy is beyond getting the right hardware,” said Sriram Sridhar, CRO, Americas at Addverb. “It’s about having a powerful software platform that can manage decentralized inventory across multiple locations while keeping a tab on effective replenishment and last-mile visibility to drive overall supply chain costs down.”

By providing ‘Micro-fulfillment as a Solution’ or MaaS, Davinci offers brands and retailers what it describes as the only integrated robotics and automated fulfillment solution on the market. The expanded service is already available to current Davinci customers, using Addverb’s Quadron, Veloce, and Dynamo robots. The initial automated micro-fulfillment centers are in Erlanger, Kentucky, and Fresno, California, according to Davinci. More on Davinci’s model can be found here.

“This partnership is a first-of-its-kind growth plan,” says Corey Apirian, Davinci Founder & CEO. “We’re offering brands the technology to power tomorrow’s retail solutions within one integrated network.”

Davinci and Addverb also offer a service whereby brands and retailers can leverage Addverb’s robots and software in their own facilities but use Davinci’s micro-fulfillment centers for additional fulfillment to expand their service footprint and reduce capital expenditures.

“Our model is the most advanced and precise in logistics,” added Apirian. “We offer brands that want to sell on any channel, including drop ship, marketplaces, and quick commerce, the fastest and most agile solution for any category, using any carrier.”


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