Adaptive Computing and iVolve Technologies Sign Memorandum of Understanding

The E-signing ceremony was carried out by the CEOs of both companies where, Mr. Art Allen and Mr. Nauman Vawda signed the contract, along with their teams.

The HPC Cloud ODDC gives immediate access to all on-premise and cloud resources.

Adaptive Computing, a global leader in HPC Cloud Solutions, has signed a MoU with iVolve Technologies, a Cloud Consultancy firm, located in the EMEA region.

Adaptive Computing is heavily invested in Cloud Management Technology and is delighted to be officially allied with iVolve Technologies. ”

– Art Allen, CEO, Adaptive Computing Enterprises

NAPLES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2022 / – Adaptive Computing, a trusted global leader in High-Performance Computing Workload Management and Cloud Solutions, has formed a new partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with iVolve Technologies , a Cloud Consultancy firm, located in KSA, USA, UAE, Egypt, and Pakistan which has served its customer base with high-quality solutions for many years. The E-signing ceremony was carried out by the CEOs of both companies where Mr. Art Allen and Mr. Nauman Vawda signed the contract along with their teams.

iVolve Technologies has built its reputation by providing top-notch Consultancy and Cloud Computing Services. iVolve has also partnered with some of the pioneers of the cloud industry from around the world. Adaptive Computing has provided advanced applications and tools to many of the largest High-Performance Computing installations for over 2 decades and is at the forefront of cloud technology innovation for HPC. Adaptive Computing works with some of the largest commercial enterprises, government agencies, and academic institutions in the world.

Adaptive Computing’s HPC Cloud On-Demand Data Center solution gives organizations the ability to spin up temporary or persistent HPC infrastructure resources quickly, inexpensively, and on demand. Access to virtually unlimited HPC compute resources becomes available via major Cloud Service Providers, enabling workloads to be run from any geographic location just by inputting credentials. From a “single pane of glass” (GUI or CLI) users can deploy and manage clusters in multiple cloud providers or multiple regions within a single cloud provider. The intuitive and user-friendly interface provides a single point of control for the monitoring and management of all HPC cloud resources. This includes submission, tracking, and management of HPC jobs and provisioning / deprovisioning HPC infrastructure. By automatically shutting down CSP resources when not in use, customers can save up to 70% of cloud usage costs when using the HPC Cloud On-Demand Data Center solution.

iVolve delivers the finest Cloud Consulting, Cloud Migration, Automation, Application Modernization, IT Infrastructure, and Security services to both Private & Public Sectors. iVolve experts also provide viable open-source solutions for Cloud Migration, Cloud disaster and recovery, and DevOps services. iVolve expertise is based on OpenStack, VMware, OpenShift, and Kubernetes. iVolve also emphasizes delivering solutions to its customers with its innovative Open-source approach. iVolve is looking forward to contributing along with Adaptive Computing to create a difference for customers worldwide!

“We are pleased to sign the MoU collaboration with Adaptive Computing to bring together the strengths of both our companies and accelerate adoption of HPC Cloud On-Demand in the region. As iVolve, we believe that HPC Cloud On-Demand can greatly benefit research organizations to leverage public cloud providers, with no lock-in to any major cloud provider, and spin up resources quickly, inexpensively, and on-demand. With the Adaptive Computing and iVolve presence in the Middle East, Africa & Pakistan, we believe together we can break the barriers of traditional HPC and enrich our offering to our customers with new and innovative solutions. ” Nauman Vawda – CEO of iVolve Technologies

“Adaptive Computing is heavily invested in Cloud Management Technology and is delighted to be officially allied with iVolve Technologies. The collaboration with iVolve Technologies will expand our reach into the Middle East and Africa, bringing HPC Cloud On-Demand to many organizations in the region. ” Art Allen – CEO Adaptive Computing Enterprises

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