Accelerated digital adoption brings a new role for tech leaders

The last 18 months have been an incredible journey for technology leaders and their teams. In this time, we’ve witnessed ‘one of the biggest surges in technology investment in history’ whereby the world’s IT leaders spent more than their annual budget rise in the space of three months. In turn, technology leaders demonstrated significant value as they worked to accommodate unprecedented levels of new technology adoption across almost every industry and geography.

About the author

Mark Rees is Chief Technology Officer at Xero.

But while we may have helped our leaders and organizations through the worst of a global pandemic, it is what follows that needs our attention. That is, delivering on the promise of the new tools, programs, platforms and ways of working that we have invested in – and breaking down a lot of new jargon at all levels of the organization. The changes stemming from record investment in, and adoption of, new technology, won’t necessarily be understood or accepted by all as quickly as they came into force. In other words, just because the technology is in place, doesn’t mean everyone is on board with it. There is now a significant opportunity for IT leaders to pave the way so all levels of the organization can reap the long-term benefits from the investments made in new technology – and it all comes down to effective communication.

I’m a technologist, not a communicator

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