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Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. (ICS) President George T. Barcelona

By Chelsey Keith P. Ignacio, Special Features Writer

In the information technology business, being innovative and a visionary is expected for its leader. George T. Barcelon, as a company president, puts such qualities into action as the Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. (ICS) continuously grows in this age of transformation and advancements.

“Under my leadership and direction, ICS has evolved from being a reseller of mainstream brands into becoming a systems integrator and a solutions and services provider across industries, notably in high-profile businesses, especially in the financial and manufacturing sectors,” Mr. Barcelona said.

The ICS president shared he already recognized the potential of cloud technology early on in empowering businesses to attain their targeted outcome while also ensuring security and not compromising the overall costs.

“ICS pioneered with a mainstream brand in the investment of a cloud systems appliance very early on. And this led ICS to pursue the space further and deeper. Now, we have a full portfolio of cloud offerings; hence, accomplishing our goal of providing cloud computing for and to our customers, ”Mr. Barcelona noted.

He emphasized the value of the company’s management team in realizing their visions. “My management team has taken my cue to set our sights on fully covering the cloud and managed services space by honing our technical and consulting skills that enable us to lead our customers into digital transformation. These efforts result in our customers’ achievement of their vision and the end game is the goal, ”he said.

Mr. Barcelon also proved ICS ‘readiness when the unprecedented pandemic took place, being equipped with the technologies needed to keep up with the new normal.

“While it should not take a pandemic to be an effective leader, I can say and acknowledge that the pandemic served to ring the alarm bells and validate the necessity for preparedness. Having said this, I am glad that our team was well equipped to face what came before us with resiliency and flexibility and that we had the proper technological resources in order to survive and carry on, ”he shared.

The ICS president remembered the company’s seamless transition from being office-based to working from home and the disruption was kept to a minimum. “Had I not invested in the necessary technologies and invested in developing talents, this would not have been possible,” he stressed.

Mr. Barcelon also acknowledged how his team has been helping drive the company. He encouraged them to be ‘inventive and forward-looking’ and then adopted some of their contributions.

“In determining the returns on investments made out of their contributions, I am quite hands-on and particular to ensure sustainability and close connection to our customers’ needs across industries we serve,” he added.

ICS continues to work on its relevance in this era of innovations and advancements. Mr. Barcelon envisions the company to become the go-to provider of cloud, cybersecurity, and managed services, considering these as “the direction that is dictated by the times.”

“We will keep our footing, study the trends per industry, and maintain our consultative approach towards our customers’ needs. We will adopt technologies brought forth by the leaders in the IT Industry with due diligence, ”he further added.

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