A Turkish chef launches kebab into space, video goes viral on the Internet

A video has been uploaded by Reuters on its Twitter handle showing a Turkish chef and a space engineering student launching a kebab into space. Here is how the internet reacted to the video.

From the latest happenings, trends to any random topic you want to search for, the internet provides everything with just a click. All you need to do is go to the browser, type the keyword and you will get the pages related to the topic you searched for. It is not just the information you seek that you get on the internet, you also get to see something strange or funny there. And recently, a video of a chef is going viral on the internet. Wondering what’s in the video? The video shows a Turkish chef Yasar Aydn and a space engineering student Idris Albayrak launching a kebab into space.

Yes, the video has been uploaded by Reuters over its Twitter handle. On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, both the chef and the student tied a pipe kebab to a helium balloon and released it into space. The incident took place in the Adana area in Turkey which is famous for its pipe kebabs. Even the date that is April 12 was decided for a reason to launch the kebab into space.

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The duo can be seen in the video placing the kebab, onions, tomato and red chilli on a platform. After that they kept the kebab in a box and attached it to a large helium balloon and a GoPro, and launched it into space. The kebab landed on Turkey’s southern coast after traveling to an altitude of 25 miles.

As per the information provided in a report by food.ndtv.com, both the chef and the student opted that day as it was the International Day of Human Space Flight, which commemorated the first orbit of Earth completed by Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on April 12, 1961.

From the time the video has been uploaded, people could not stop themselves from reacting to it. People have been calling it space kebab. One of the Twitter users commented, “Land, sea, air and space kebab”. While some of the other comments read- “Space kebab.”; “An ordinary day at Turkey. They literally tried to send kebab to space with a helium balloon”; “It’s 2022. Turkey has literally sent a kebab into space before being admitted into the European Union.” Another user wrote, “I think he wanted people to know that the current Turkish inflation rate is going to the moon!” While one other said, “And now they are at war with Russia for comparing Gagarin to a kebab!”


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