A Noida based ed-tech startup “Ihacknet” is helping youngsters to learn Ethical hacking

We are living in the most advance tech world. Today all of our data is online, you can easily find out the personal details and professional details of a person by looking at their Facebook and linkedin profiles.

But the question is “is our data safe in this tech world?” So the answer is YES because there are so many Cyber ​​security and Ethical hackers who protect our data. That’s why Cyber ​​security and ethical hacking is a good career opportunity in today’s time. This is the reason why a new Noida based Edtech startup “Ihacknet” which is helping Youngsters to learn ethical hacking at a very Affordable cost.

During an interview the founder and CEO of ihacknet said “India witnessed a three-fold increase in cybersecurity-related incidents in 2020 compared to 2019, recording 1.16 million breaches. The number of breaches is expected to increase in 2022 and 2023 that’s why we have created ihacknet so that our country have more number of cyber security experts ”.

Ihacknet started in 2020 and within 2 years they have more than 2 lakh 50 thousand followers on Instagram and 70 thousand plus learners on their website. They offer 19 different Ethical Hacking courses. And the best part is that the price of 1 course is just 249Rs / -. Yes you read it right, their courses are affordable.

But most people in our country only see the evil side of Hacking. They thought hacking as an attack but according to ihacknet, with the help of hacking we can protect ourself because as we saw in last few years over 3.8 thousand government services in India were provided over the internet. A CLSA report indicates the value of digital payments in India will grow three-fold – close to 1 trillion dollars in FY26 from 300 billion dollars in FY21. And to protect this entire digital India infrastructure we need cyber security experts and Ethical hackers.

In Fact, if we talk about our neighboring country China. For years China has been suspected by the US and many other countries for carrying out several high-profile cyber attacks, but every time the country strongly denied the claims. However, for the first time the country has admitted that it does have cyber warfare divisions – several of them, in fact. In the latest updated edition of a PLA publication called “The Science of Military Strategy”, China finally broke its silence and openly talked about its digital spying and network attack capabilities and clearly stated that it has specialized units devoted to wage war on computer networks.

And point to the vastness of cyberspace that India needs to secure. The country is also a witness to numerous cyber attacks in the past, including many soft ones. The government’s ongoing Digital India push and the Reserve Bank’s planned Central Bank Digital Currency may only add to the list of vulnerabilities.

With the help of startups like ihacknet we can teach and prepare our new generation for cyberwar.


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