7 pet-friendly ways tech can keep your pal happy and healthy in 2022

Look after your pets and they’ll look after you – or, in the case of cats, snooze nonchalantly somewhere in your vicinity – which makes picking up the best pet toys a great way to increase your bond.

But maybe a simple toy isn’t quite enough? If you want to really improve your furry friend’s life you’re going to need some of the best pet tech around, and whether you’re feeding them, keeping them entertained, or making sure they’re not getting up to no good while you ‘re out of the house, we’ve got some top tips.

Smart feeding

A smart bowl like Sure’s keeps the food sealed, meaning it won’t dry out nearly as fast if your cat is a slow eater. (Image credit: Sure Petcare)

A smart pet feeder gives you the opportunity to make sure less-pushy pets get their fair share, specific food goes to the right pet, or extra-greedy pets don’t immediately eat so much that they’re sick. They’re particularly useful if you have to go away for a little while, as you can trickle-feed dry food on a schedule, and the Pavlovian response to an automated feeder’s motor could even be enough to stop pesky pets waking you up in the middle of the night to demand a snack.

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