4 Data Breach Confirmation Websites You Can Use

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The threat of falling victim to hacking has become more evident in recent months following the series of data breaches. This justifiably creates fear among members of the public as personal data can be misused for a variety of digital crimes such as scamming, money laundering, and other acts of terror to name the least.

Citing data from cybersecurity firm Surf Shark, there are currently 1.04 million accounts in Indonesia that have been leaked online without consent throughout the second quarter of 2022. This number spiked 143 percent from the first quarter which logged 430.1 thousand compromised accounts.

This statistically means there are at least three accounts containing personal data that were leaked in Indonesia from January to March.

There are a number of websites to ensure whether our personal data has been compromised or not. The following are to name a few:

  1. Periksa Data (periksadata.com)

This website, developed by a community of ethical hackers, is designed to determine whether a person’s personal data had been breached or not. It can simply be used by typing your email into its designated search box and followed by clicking the “periksa sekaran” or check now button.

By doing so, it will immediately present a result showing if your online data has been hacked and can also detect which website was the source of the data breach.

  1. Avast

This is a cross-platform internet security site for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The way to use it is similar to Periskada Data, which is simply by opening the site https://www.avast.com/hackcheck/, then entering your full email name.

  1. Firefox Monitor

This website can be reached by accessing https://monitor.firefox.com, which can determine whether a person’s email and password had been breached. You would only need to enter your email address in the designated box and press enter.

On this site, users can also directly check the specifically related account. Users can just select the navigation ‘Breaches’ next to ‘Home’. Then you will see the leaks experienced by digital services ranging from e-commerce to digital wallets.

  1. Have I Been Pwned (HIBP)

This site was created by Microsoft regional director Troy Hunt, who was motivated to create it because of the rampant data breach cases. How it works is pretty straightforward as you only need to input your email address or mobile number to be checked. Specific to Indonesians, it is crucial to add the +62 regional code before the actual mobile number.


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