Nomad And Solana Attacks Demonstrate How White Hat Hackers Are Helping Counter Crypto Exploits

Nomad And Solana Attacks Demonstrate How White Hat Hackers Are Helping Counter Crypto Exploits

By Aug 10, 2022, 01:39 PM IST (Published) Mini Last week, ethical hackers intervened and helped slow down the hacking attack on Nomad and Solana and returned the lost funds as well. Hackers are a pain in the neck for crypto projects and the digital asset industry in general. In the first half of … Read more

Instacart Plus delivery service lets you add a buddy so you can shop together

Instacart has given its Express delivery subscription service a facelift and is relaunching it as Instacart Plus as the platform continues to renovate. InstacartPlus is currently rolling out (opens in new tab) and will add two new “family-centric” features while also migrating over the money discounts people got from Instacart Express. First, there will be … Read more

National Vlogging Day: Vlogs and Content Creation is One of the Most Important Source Now

Vlogs are one of the most important sources of entertainment and information in the world now, and it brings a significant help to those looking for relatable content regarding different needs and wants. August 10 is National Vlogging Day which started in 2018, and it commemorates the video blogs that come from content creators and … Read more

North Korean H0lyGh0st Ransomware Has Ties to Global Geopolitics

Threat actors in North Korea claim to be on a holy mission to help the poor — and increase security awareness — by attacking organizations with ransomware and demanding payment for a decryptor. Calling himself “H0lyGh0st,” it’s quite possible that this threat actor has stronger ties to global geopolitical activity than initially meets the eye. … Read more

Kali Linux 2022.3 Released with Linux 5.18, New Hacking Tools, and Test Lab Environment

Offensive Security has released today Kali Linux 2022.3 as the latest version of their Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution for ethical hackers and penetration testers. Kali Linux 2022.3 arrives almost three months later Kali Linux 2022.2 as a hefty update to the ethical hacking distro that brings many interesting changes, starting with a big kernel upgrade from … Read more

Bugcrowd Taps Top Hackers for Live Hacking Event with Indeed at 2022 Black Hat Conference

Curated team of global security researchers compete to find high-impact security vulnerabilities for the number one job site in the world LAS VEGAS, August 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bugcrowdthe leader in crowdsourced cybersecurity, today announced a live hacking event to test business-critical attack surface and mobile applications for, during the 2022 Black Hat USA … Read more

Vulnerability scanning vs. penetration testing: What’s the difference?

If you’ve ever gotten stuck while trying to wrap your head around the differences between penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, read through to get the perfect breakdown. Image: Vallepugraphics/Adobe Stock Many IT security terms have proven challenging to understand due to their similarities and contextual applications in cybersecurity discussions. Some of these related terms are … Read more