All Optus customers can do is hope

What is the Happy Path? Software developers call it the “Happy Path”. It’s the set of tests that are usually written during the software development process, to ensure that the code stands up against all the properly formatted requests the code is meant to deal with. The Happy Path is the absolute bare minimum set … Read more

Weekly Email Security News Recap #3 [September 2022]

Dynamic changes in the cyber world lead to countless and continuous hacking incidents, data breaches, and phishing attacks. Stay on top of the latest email security breach and cybersecurity news or you could become the victim of cybercrime. This week’s news recap covers the American Airlines’ data breach and cryptocurrency platform Wintermute’s DeFi hack. Let’s … Read more

How To Learn Ethical Hacking: Step By Step

Ethical hacking is a process by which an authorized hacker finds threats and vulnerabilities to the stored information or data. Ethical hacking helps in protecting the data from malicious hackers and it helps in improving network security. The methods used by ethical hackers are the same as those used by malicious hackers but ethical hackers … Read more

China-linked TA413 targets Tibetan entities with new backdoorSecurity Affairs

China-linked cyberespionage group TA413 exploits employ a never-before-undetected backdoor called LOWZERO in attacks aimed at Tibetan entities. A China-linked cyberespionage group, tracked as TA413 (aka LuckyCat), is exploiting recently disclosed flaws in Sophos Firewall (CVE-2022-1040) and Microsoft Office (CVE-2022-30190) to deploy a never-before-detected backdoor called LOWZERO in attacks aimed at Tibetan entities. The TA413 APT … Read more

Microsoft Video Editor 2022 review

Gone video editing software hidden inside the Windows photo editor app, we weren’t expecting much of anything. The last time we reviewed Microsoft Video Editor, we praised it for offering “a good selection of tools for the budding video editor whose aim is to create a fun little movie quickly.” Yes, it has limitations if … Read more

How to Keep Members Engaged Before, During & After a Major Tech Overhaul

Source: Shutterstock. One of the constant challenges for credit unions is staying competitive with megabanks and more recently, neobanks, like Chime, Varo and others, which are known for offering convenient, digital-first access to credit and money management products. In a world where 78% of Americans prefer to bank via mobile and online channels, according to … Read more

The biggest cyber attacks of 2022

For you Be part of something bigger, join the Chartered Institute for IT. Unlike many sophisticated cybercrime operations, the Lapsus$ Group seems to be a loose collection of members. It is rumored Nvidia may have ‘hacked back’ at the group. Hacking back is where offensive security experts will attempt to compromise attacker’s machines. This can … Read more