Entering a new era of tech-empowered travel – Business Traveler

If Covid-19 taught us anything, it’s that change happens, fast. And it’s true that how we now travel has been revolutionized by the accelerated adoption of technology. From digital vaccine passports and QR codes to real-time travel notifications, technology solutions are playing a pivotal role in enabling people to travel safely again. Providing clear, current … Read more

Candidates for Secretary of State | Primary Voter Guide | Seven Days

click to enlarge Courtesy Photos Sarah Copeland Hanzas, John Odum, Chris Winters The Secretary of State’s Office manages trademarks, professional licensing and regulation of business services including data brokers, telemarketers and amusement ride operators. It’s also responsible for overseeing Vermont elections. Its elections division maintains a database of lobbyists and one for campaign finance disclosures, … Read more

Research on What Streamlines SaaS Security Detection & Remediation

When it comes to keeping SaaS stacks secure, IT and security teams need to be able to streamline the detection and remediation of misconfigurations in order to best protect their SaaS stack from threats. However, while companies adopt more and more apps, their increase in SaaS security tools and staff has lagged behind, as found … Read more

Corellium: A brief introduction to a groundbreaking innovation

Corellium debuted in 2018 as the first-ever Advanced RISC Machine virtualization platform. It has security vulnerability research for iOS and Android devices. After a year of development, Corellium became a popular platform used to test security on iPhone devices. It can clone the entire operating system accurately without needing to buy physical Apple devices instead. … Read more

SecurityMetrics Wins Coveted Global InfoSec Awards for Cybersecurity Book, Penetration Testing, and Top Women in Cybersecurity

OREM, Utah, June 29, 2022 / PRNewswire / – SecurityMetrics is proud to announce that they have won the following awards from Cyber ​​Defense Magazine (CDM), the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine: “Most Innovative Cybersecurity Book” for the SecurityMetrics Guide to PCI DSS Compliance. “Editor’s Choice Penetration Testing” for their penetration testing team. “Top … Read more

How to Perform a Penetration Test on Your Website

Penetration testing is an effective way of finding out your site’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It lets your security team assess the level of your site’s protection against any type of threat. Moreover, regularly using a penetration test on your website can expose any exploitable vulnerabilities your site might have. Finding out your weaknesses and vulnerabilities … Read more